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As a husband, father and state representative with deep roots in the region, I am prepared to go toWashington and fight for the things important to Louisiana families. My ability in the legislature to build bi-partisan coalitions has prepared me to be a fresh voice in Congress and an effective leader for Louisiana . These will be some of my priorities in Congress.


There is nothing more important to the future of America than the strength of our education system -- and in order to strengthen that system, we must have a partnership with federal, state, and local governments.

Investing in our children by improving our education system from top to bottom will be one of my top priorities. One of the accomplishments of which I am most proud is our success in the legislature to raise teacher pay in Louisiana to the Southern Regional Average and provide early childhood education for four year olds.

We should offer our children the best education possible, from early childhood education, to after school programs, to better schools and less crowded classrooms. I believe accountability is important to our children's success. However, I am concerned about federal mandates that place burdens on local school systems.

As college costs have risen, it has become increasingly difficult for working families to send their kids to college. In the legislature, I have supported the TOPS program and also supported adding a need based scholarship program to give low income children an opportunity to afford college. In Congress, I will fight to ensure Pell Grants, Perkins Loans and other student loans are protected. I also believe we need to focus on vocational education and community colleges.


The cost of health care is out of control. About twenty percent of Louisianans don't have health insurance, and those who do are struggling to afford it. I will bring commonsense solutions to this crisis and take the lead creating and investing in solutions that would increase access to affordable, quality health care.

First, and most important, we should ensure all Louisiana 's children all have health insurance. This is a necessity for hard working families. I will support expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program and work to find other ways to make sure no child in our state or country goes without health care. This past year, President Bush and the Republicans in Congress blocked this bill which would give over 80,000 more kids in Louisiana health care - I just think that's wrong.

Second, we need to pass a prescription drug plan for seniors that really works -- one that provides quality prescription drugs to our seniors not one that just benefits the big drug companies. Medicare Part D, the prescription drug plan passed several years ago is a perfect example of how Congress stopped working for regular families. I will stand up to the drug companies and do what's right for our seniors.

Third, we should make sure that our veterans have the health care they deserve. Right now, one out of every eight veterans under 65 is uninsured. Our country owes the brave men and women who sacrificed more than that.


I have worked hard in the legislature to attract new, good jobs to our area and I believe good paying jobs are the building block of our communities. I believe job creation is directly linked with education. I support increased funding for vocational and job training program so that we can attract skilled, good paying jobs to our region. I also believe investing in our infrastructure is crucial to job growth.

I'll support fair trade agreements that raise standards for all workers, here and abroad while making American businesses more competitive. I don't believe in tax giveaways that reward companies that move jobs overseas to avoid paying US taxes. This is just commonsense economic policy.

Lastly, I believe increased transparency in government is crucial to attracting new companies to our state. I have been a leader in ethics reform in the legislature, and I've worked closely with the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders on this issue.


I support policies that will keep Social Security solvent so that the current generation of Americans who are working now can count on Social Security being there when they need it. Before Social Security, too many seniors lived in poverty and despair. Social Security is a trust between the generations with which we cannot gamble and I would oppose any efforts to privatize Social Security.

I will also fight for genuine pension reform that protects employees' financial security from future Enron-style abuse and work on new ways to help hard-working Americans create retirement savings.


I believe we need to change directions in Iraq and bring our troops home responsibly and with honor while continuing to focus on national security and winning the war on terror.

I also believe we must take care of our brave men and women when they come home from war. I was appalled when we learned about the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital and concerned about reports that our soldiers have difficulties returning to civilian life. In Congress, I will work to ensure we treat our brave sons and daughters with the respect they deserve and give them the tools they need as they transition back to civilian life.


I believe we must do a better job ensure that our ports, nuclear and chemical plants, and other sensitive facilities are secured against attack. I also increased funding for our first responders to keep our communities safe. In the legislature, I have voted to increase pay for first responders and will continue to work closely with all our local officials to ensure our communities are prepared for attacks.

Additionally, I believe part of protecting our national security is securing our borders and cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.


I have been a leader in ethics reform in Louisiana and will be working hard with Governor Jindal in the next few months to pass true ethics reform and increase transparency in state government. I will take that commitment to Washington and demand we pass stronger lobbying and ethics laws so that we can return government to the people and take the power out of the hands of big special interest lobbyists.


Spending in Washington is out of control and Republicans are no longer the fiscal conservatives they claim to be. In less than a decade, they have taken us from a strong and stable economy to one in which more families are working harder for less money.

I believe in a balanced budget and I will support the pay-go polices that the Congress enacted last year. I hope to join a coalition knows as the Blue Dog Democrats, a coalition of fiscal conservative Democrats committed to paying down the debt and passing sound economic policies.

I support tax cuts that make sense for working families and small businesses not tax breaks for huge corporations and millionaires that we end up paying for. I voted for millions in tax relief in the Louisiana legislature and will continue to support tax cuts for middle class families who are struggling to make ends meet and save for their futures.


I am strongly against amnesty for illegal immigrants. America is a nation of immigrants, but we also are a nation of laws. In Congress, I will fight to secure our borders and work to crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers.


I am pro-life. This is a position that my wife and I share and its rooted in my faith. In the legislature, I supported one of the strongest pro-life laws in the country and in Congress, I will continue my work to protect the unborn.

2nd Amendment Rights

I strongly support the Second Amendment - it is a fundamental part of our Constitution. I own guns and hunt and believe we need to protect the gun ownership rights of law-abiding citizens. I am very proud to have an A rating from the NRA.

As a prosecutor, I saw the dangers our families face first hand. That's why I made cracking down on sexual predators and other violent criminals a cornerstone of my work in the legislature. I am proud of my efforts to pass the Adam Walsh Act, and other measures that have given law enforcement the tools they need to keep our kids safe.

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