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WAFB pulls ad off air because of misleading content, false statements

Baton Rouge, La . – Freedom's Watch's deceptive ad "Trust" was pulled by a local TV station because of inaccuracies and misleading statements that falsely attacked Don Cazayoux, 6th Congressional District candidate.  WAFB-TV, Baton Rouge 's CBS affiliate, pulled an ad lying about Cazayoux's record on illegal immigration.

The pulled ad falsely states that Cazayoux “supports making it easier for illegals to get public healthcare benefits.”  The truth is that Cazayoux is against amnesty for illegal immigrants and believes in cracking down on illegal immigration and businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Cazayoux also opposes making it easier for illegal immigrants to get healthcare benefits. Further, in the ad there is no citation on screen to back up the claim, because there are no adequate facts to back up the assertion.

“I'm glad that WAFB upheld its commitment to its viewers by ensuring that these lies are taken off their station,” said Katie Nee, Cazayoux's campaign manager.  “This was just another desperate attempt by an outside group to distort Don Cazayoux's record and distract from the real issues.  Louisiana voters want to hear about issues affecting them, like increasing the availability of health care and helping middle class families.”

Recently, Freedom's Watch has had FEC and IRS complaints filed against them for ads attacking Cazayoux.  The first FEC complaint involved alleged illegal collusion between the group and the National Republican Campaign Committee and the second was for Freedom' s Watch failure to disclose the names of the donors funding their ads .  The IRS complaint challenged the group's tax-exempt status .

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